Marine systems simulation
A2 Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting

If you get compilation errors

  • You may have to install the DirectX SDK (if compilation errors suggest this)

If you get run-time errors without or before


  • Check the logfile LogOutput.txt (name and directory specified in the FhSim executable.
  • Check that the input file does not contain Vis.dll, .dll or other extensions.

If you get run-time errors when visualization starts

  • Check the logfile Resources/Ogre.log
  • Delete the file Resources/Ogre.cfg, to be able to specify
    • the screen resolution
    • use of OpenGl or Direct3D
    • full screen or windowed mode
  • Verify correct OpenGL drivers
  • Verify correct DirectX drivers


  • Ensure that you have followed the installation and setup description closely.
  • Ensure that your computer is up to date:
  • Windows update
  • Microsoft update (especially that Visual Studio 2005 with service pack 1 is installed)

Running FhSim

FhSim crashes

  • Read through the error logs. ogre.log, logoutput.txt.

I receive the error: "The method RegRenderRes could not be found!"

  • Be sure that all dll library loaded by the input file are of the same linking as the executable (debug/release, static/dynamic, with/without visualization).

I receive the error: "The library Ois*.dll could not be found!"

  • Be sure that the working directory is correctly set, if starting via Visual Studio.
  • Try running the executable from the command line.
  • Check that the missing dll is present in the working directory.

I receive the error: "Unhandled exception at 0x7c422e38 in sim.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xcdcdcde5".

  • Assure that the executable and the libraries mentioned in the input file are linked similarly (debug/release, static/dynamic, with/without visualization).

I receive the error: "ERROR! The license for the dll simulation object of type"

  • You need to regenerate the license. To do this, run the BuildAll.cmd command in the $WORK/fhSim/Build directory.

I receive the error: "ERROR! Could not load library ....."

When a simulation is started, the following process happens:

  1. FhSim is told which input file to use, either in code or through the command line.
  2. The input file is parsed.
  3. From the parsed input file, it is found which libraries (dlls) to be used for each SimObject.
  4. If the library names do not end with .dll, the names are appended with:
    • Vis if visualization is enabled
    • _d if it is a debug build
    • .dll
  5. The simObjects are instantiated from the specified simObject libraries (dlls).

Any errors must be interpreted with this process in mind.