Marine systems simulation
9 License and terms of use

Update license according to new library structure and more.

License Types

You can hold licenses for different packages for use of FhSim. These licenses can be combined to tailor a solution for the licensee. The different packages are explained below.

A. Basic package.

This includes executable programs and basic models. Licensee can set up and run simulations with the basic models. This consists of simpler models, such as general signal sources, simple environmental models, rigid bodies, mathematical operations, cables, routing, anchor and simple vessels.

B. Model Library.

Licensee can run FhSim with additional models from separate model libraries. This package provides service based on FhSim, but not redistribution and resale of applications, including online services. It can be selected from the following model libraries:

  • Marine environment: Marine environment with more advanced models for waves and power.
  • Trawl: For example, simplified vessels, nets, wooden doors and cables suitable for wheel simulations.
  • Aquaculture: For example, cables and cages suitable for simulation of aquaculture plants.
  • Anchor handling: For example cables and anchor suitable for simulation of anchor handling.
  • Ships: Various vessels with more advanced modeling of vessel and wave interaction.
  • FhSim Pro: Covers all of the aforementioned model libraries and gives access to all unbound models.

Note that some libraries may benefit from models in other libraries. For example, the Ships library will increase functionality if you have the Marine Environment available.

C. Model development.

Licensee can develop own models. Sales of self-developed models are allowed. Redistribution and resale of licensed models is not allowed except in combination with license E.

D. Integration in own tools.

Licensee may include FhSim in own indoor applications. Redistribution and resale of applications, including online services, are not Allowed except in conjunction with License E.

E. Distribution of applications.

Licensee may distribute applications and software using FhSim pursuant to a separate agreement entered into the individual case.

Other Terms

Licensee's rights

  • Changes in which compilers and platforms are supported must be announced in good time.
  • Changes in the price structure must be announced at least 12 months in advance.
  • Customers can be granted access to models / model libraries free of charge through research projects they participate or have participated in.

Non-commercial use


Includes studies and training purposes without goals of profits made by students and employees at universities, colleges, upper secondary schools and primary schools. Adjacent applications, such as research projects, can be agreed on in each case.

Transition for commercial use

Models and tools developed based on FhSim under a non-commercial license can only be transferred to a commercial license by agreement.


Non-commercial use

Support is invoiced by appointment.

Commercial Use

Support is invoiced per half hour using the standard hourly rates of SINTEF Oceans at that time.


Licensee shall process information received from SINTEF Ocean linked to this agreement as confidential, unless otherwise agreed. Only licensees own employees who need it will handle the information. This obligation shall be perpetual unless otherwise agreed.


SINTEF Ocean does not warrant that FhSim may be used for special purposes. In no event shall SINTEF Ocean be responsible for consequential losses. Nor shall SINTEF Ocean be responsible for warranties or the like. as the licensee had to give others.

SINTEF Ocean will indemnify the claimant for claims arising from the fact that SINTEF Ocean has infringed a third party rights. SINTEF Ocean will promptly notify the licensee of circumstances that may indicate that such intervention has occurred or may happen. Each party shall indemnify each other for claims arising from the gross negligence of the other party. The total liability the licensee may make applicable to SINTEF Ocean shall not exceed the allowance SINTEF Ocean has received after this agreement at the time the claim is made.

Termination of the agreement

In case of repeated or material breach of payment, or other material breach, SINTEF Ocean may terminate the agreement with immediate effect. All rights will return to SINTEF Ocean and the licensee shall confirm in writing that all use of the software has ceased. Licensee may terminate the agreement with 30 days notice. If the agreement is raised, nonetheless, the provisions on confidentiality shall continue.


Licensee may not transfer the rights or obligations of others without the written consent of SINTEF Ocean.

Conflict Resolution

The parties shall, within a reasonable period of time, seek negotiations to resolve conflicts that may arise in connection with this agreement. If this is not possible, the parties choose Sør-Trøndelag Tingrett as a verdict.

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